Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta

Although the conditions were trying a great day of racing at Westhaven Radio Sailing was had by all. A strong fleet of boats tuned up and 11 races were sailed in light to top end of No1 rig. Rob came out on top with a very consistent day to win with 12 points by the end of play. Our sails once again proved themselves to be working very well in the puffy conditions 

Wooden IOM Boat Contest

A great event was held at Westhaven Radio Sailing for Wooden IOM's . The forecast was not looking good with heavy rain and 40 knots predicted. Lucky the forecasters were a bit off and we ended up sailing in No2 rigs with a few light showers. Conditions on the course were tricky with a confused sea state left over from the heavy weather the night before. 18 races were complete over the day and Rob Nelson came out on top using RNB sails. Looking forward to next years event 

2018 BOP 5 Hour Race

Rob Nelson & Garry Roberts

A good day resulted in a 1st overall at the recent BOP 5 Hour, finishing with 100 laps and a lead of just over a full lap to the next boat .


2018 Murray Rountree Wellington

Well done to Carl Smith at the recent Murray Rountree for a creditable 4th place overall using his RNB sails

Sailing at Westhaven 26 May

April 2018

RNB has been busy developing new shapes and these have been performing very well with a good win at the Keri Keri Club Championships over the weekend of the 21st & 22nd April. The sails are proving to be very good running downwind, along with holding their shape very well in the top of the rig range. 


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